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Now we know how John Kasich got rich working on Wall Street

Why does it matter that John Kasich was a Managing Director at Lehman Brothers? Because he when Kasich was in Congress he used his influence to help Wall Street.

  • In 2001, Kasich joined Lehman Brothers’ Investment Bank as their Managing Director of Investment Banking. Kasich stayed with Lehman Brothers until their collapse in September 2008. (Columbus Dispatch, May 23, 2009)

But when Kasich was a Congressman he used his influence to help Wall Street.

  • Credit-Card Disclosure Rule-H.R. 15,Roll No. 380, 10/28/1987, Kasich voted Nay

  • Credit-Card Disclosure/Interest Rate Cap-H.R. 15,Roll No. 381, 10/28/1987, Kasich voted Nay

  • Financial Institutions Safety and Consumer Choice Act of 1991-H.R. 6, 11/4/1991, Kasich voted Nay

  • Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995-H.R. 1058, Roll. No 870, 12/20/1995, Kasich voted Aye-H.R. 1058, Roll. No 216, 3/8/1995, Kasich voted Aye

Then Kasich left Congress and Wall Street helped him get rich. Then John Kasich used his political influence to arrange meetings between Lehman Brothers and Ohio Pension officials.

  • Ohio gubernatorial candidate John Kasich made nearly $590,000 in salary and bonuses as a Lehman Brothers managing director in 2008 before the banking giant collapsed later that year… (Associated Press, 4/2/10)

  • “Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich tried to persuade two state pension funds in 2002 to invest with Lehman Brothers while he was the managing director of the investment banking house's Columbus office.” (The Columbus Dispatch, May 12, 2010).

  • Despite only claiming two contacts Kasich also called a third pension fund in 2002 and tried to pitch Lehman's brokerage services. ( The Columbus Dispatch , 7/22/10)

And when Lehman Brothers collapsed, Ohio Pension lost millions. But Kasich still won’t come clean on who much money he made 

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